Solve the Cash Dilemma

The easiest way to solve the non-secure cash transactions, giving completely new way of how we flow the cash within the market.

Track and Predict

Ability to track all your payments and predict your salary. with new prediction tools you will be able to control your spending and ensure best way of using your salary.

Safe and Secure

Against the normal cash transactions, IDF3 is the safest way to carry your money and ensure security of your money.

Simplest and Safest Solution for Cash

IDF3 is using a high security blockchain technology to ensure 100% security of your money and your transactions. We are using new way of processing the data to insure instant transactions of funds. Now you can do all your transactions with any phone with not even single touch!


Everyone is a seller and also a Buyer

IDF3 gives the power to use any app or non app at all for selling and buying!
using the omni channel connections we were able to give new way to connect all accounts in one place.


Creative Design, Simple UI and available in two languages

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